Project Insight

Ladyfingers has been the premier caterer in the Raleigh, NC area for 35 years. When this family-owned business decided to open a new Market & Eatery, Wrathbone stepped in to create a logo, branding and signage for the new location.


We wanted to guarantee that Ladyfingers created a splash with their new location. First, we designed a new logo variation for the Market & Eatery, while staying true to their existing logo. The Ladyfingers brand was already well-established in the Raleigh area, so we wanted to capitalize on this brand recognition. Next, we created recognizable brand assets that could be used for all of their marketing, from social media, to stickers and menus. Finally, we incorporated these new brand elements into eye-catching signage and window graphics for the new location, to make sure no one in the neighborhood could miss it. The new location is thriving and has become a dining staple in the Glenwood Place community.